Graken Corp, engineering company

GRAKEN'S Vision is to become the 'de facto benchmark' in all of our business pursuits and continually improve our offerings for all we serve; be they investors and the end-users of the products and services.


GRAKEN'S Mission is to meet our customer's exacting needs.


To this end, GRAKEN encourages its employees to strive for individual excellence in their lives.  Employees are provided guidance and training, tools and facilities along with a cooperative environment to empower them to achieve their goals.  Collectively, GRAKEN operates within a customer-focused environment to ensure the customer requirements and expectations are understood within the province and spirit of good business practices.


GRAKEN is dedicated to reinvesting in its future through research and development while providing investors realistic forecasts of returns (ROI) and to continue to form lasting relationships with complimentary business sharing our vision.


GRAKEN'S Quality Policy is to remain committed to providing high quality products at the best value to its customers, while striving to deliver on our commitments 100% on time.


"No item is too small to over-look"


Thus, continuous improvement is our priority.




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