Graken Corp, engineering company

GRAKEN is an Engineering company looking for motivated people that enjoy jobs that are diversified and interesting.


The positions listed below are open.  Please contact us at (310) 515-1200 or send your resume to and identify the position you are seeking.


  • Analyst

    Candidate shall be responsible for performing static analyses and dynamic simulations for mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems, support proposal preparation efforts, work closely with design teams by providing all nature of analysis support to include "rough-order" hand-calculations up to and including detailed Finite Element Analyses (FEA) as well as develop control theory for mechanisms, and engage in internal research and development programs. The ideal candidate will have a BSME or BSEE plus ten years experience, an MSME, or MSEE with seven years experience, or a PHd with five years experience. The education and experience must include analog and digital control theory and dynamic analysis.  Proficient using Microsoft Excel, hand calculations, and similar skills to develop and analyze dynamic systems and control laws using Matlab/Simulink for closed loop control systems and be able to develop structural models with friction effects.

  • Design Engineer

    Candidate shall be responsible for design layouts and detail designs for articulating systems and their components, taking into account envelope, weight, and performance constraints.


    Candidate should have good 3D conceptual skills, and make use of the industries' "best practices."  Be able to generate parametric models that take advantage of digital analysis and manufacturing processes and methods, work well in a team environment, and be experienced in the design process from the initial layout to final production certification.   Be able to produce Mono-detail drawings in accordance with ANSI / ASME Y14.100-2004 and MIL-DTL-31000 including Metric.  Have intimate knowledge of MIL-SPECS and MIL-STDS on DoD contracts and have a good understanding of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

  • Methods Engineer

    Candidate shall perform Method Engineering tasks in support product fabrication. Must have solid background in CNC machine tool operations, materials, and methods knowledge and applications. Possess the ability to program CNC machine tools using MasterCam and/or NX Manufacturing applications.


    Candidate shall work with Design Engineers, Machinists, Inspectors and Quality Engineers to resolve technical issues. Develop shop planning, validate key fabrication processes, and identify special tooling requirements.  Recommend design/process improvements and generate work instructions. Must have good written and verbal communication skills. Must be proficient with MS Office Suite applications. Minimum 2-4 years of metal parts manufacturing experience required.  BS+ 2-4 years experience.



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