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Innovative Solutions

Solutions meeting your needs exactly.

Requirements Management

'Requirements' are mapped to the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

CAD Products: CATIA V5, NX & Pro-E

Relevant experience in aircraft (military and commercial) and space systems (manned and unmanned).


A true 3D model based fabricator for ferrous, non-ferrous and plastics.

Simulations and Analyses

Kinematics / Dynamic simulations coupled  with an extensive adaptive analysis toolset  from spreadsheets to full FEA.

V & V and Post Test Data Reduction

Products successfully verified and validated using MIL-STD-810F, RTCA/DO-160D and MIL-STD-1540D test environments.

Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Progress Reporting

Data item submittals are in accordance with EVMS reporting, and we use 'Risk Management' for managing key high valued products.

Certified: AS9100C & ISO9001 2008


High Technology

Value Proposition


Success comes in many forms.  Here at GRAKEN, we believe, when success is obtained quickly and with highest possible return on your investment, you have value.  This belief can be boiled down to speed and efficacious use of resources.


Our goals are: Speed, Precision, Teamwork, and most importantly complete Dedication.  Needs change, we expect this at GRAKEN.  Close coordination enables us to efficiently adjust to changes.  "Your success is our success." and we have a proven track record using this approach.


With speed, the unexpected is only temporary.  Being precise ensures knowing what's going on; what's working and what needs improvement.  Experience enables us to minimize the setbacks and apply the lessons learned from them.  This adds value.  Using a multi-pronged approach requires teamwork.  It takes a dedicated team to consistently meet the project commitments.


GRAKEN offers a rare set of capabilities to go from an idea to fully functional product.  We start by turning the 'desirements' into requirements which in turn drive the Digital Verification and Validation (DV&V).  The 3D models are used to check and validate the fit, form and function.  Analyses are performed, as needed, to verify the desired behavior matches the predicted; such as, Finite Element Analyses (FEM), dynamic (or motion), thermal, weight, Input/Output behavior, etc.


Once we agree the model's behavior is satisfactory, we produce documentation to build the hardware.  This documentation varies; it's used to ensure the hardware is built correctly.  For instance, a simple sketch may do in lieu of a full up engineering drawing to communicate the task at hand. As the design converges on the desired results, the documentation to hardware ratio inverses.  Whereupon, by the end of the project, a detailed set of drawings and specifications will exist.


GRAKEN is a true model based fabricator. CNC tool paths, shop documentation (travelers, Op Sheets), CMM geometry are derived from the CAD models.


In short, at GRAKEN we practice risk mitigation upfront to increase the financial return; a key element for business success!






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