Graken Corp, engineering company

GRAKEN provides Customer Support Services.


Customer support can be during the development process or after the job is fielded.  In either case, GRAKEN is there for you.  Should it become necessary to modify the project's definition documentation, revision control is maintained along with a change record.


Upon discovering a GRAKEN product has stopped performing, there is a defined process to follow to ensure the product(s) are restored to pre-incident condition.  This process starts by notifying GRAKEN there's been an incident.  A report is generated and incident number is assigned to track the recovery process.


Maintenance services may be required after the products have been fielded.  GRAKEN's services for regular, recommended maintenance are typically arranged at the time the contract is defined.


In the rare case when a GRAKEN product requires Customer Support in the absence of pre-negotiated arrangement, GRAKEN stands behind their products and will perform the needed service on a 'pay-as-needed basis'.  No work is performed until parties agreed on the scope and cost of work.




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