Graken Corp, engineering company

GRAKEN is a 'one-stop company'.


The greatest value is attained when GRAKEN is contracted at the beginning of the endeavor; when good engineering makes the difference.


Should it become necessary to use outside shops, we employ our network of strategic partners and match the best available for the task at-hand; this saves you time and money while ensuring our high quality standards are maintained.


The following services are offered bundled or individually:

  • Project Management

    Our Project Managers' experience with numerous projects and diverse markets is leverage on each job.  We discuss your project unique requirements in detail to assure the product(s) exactly meet your expectations.


    Schedules, budgets and resources are all linked together. Earned Value Management tools are used to derive and report status.


    Progress reports are concise and timely with an emphasis on predicting potential deviations from the plan before they occur.


    There are similar aspects in most projects, but to a greater degree, It's the unique facets and the nuances within each that necessitate good management skills to navigate pitfalls.

  • Design Expertise

    Design products include sketches, layouts, parts lists and hand-calculations to solve the problem(s) at hand.


    As needed, GRAKEN will perform formal performance analyses, produce drawings and fabricate prototype hardware and conduct tests to assure the proposed solution meets the exact need and the exit requirements are met.


    If additional services are needed, these are identified prior to starting work.


    Should it become necessary, GRAKEN will provide specific contractual documents to ensure the intellectual properties are identified and are protected.

  • Performance Analyses

    Products include hand-calculations, spreadsheets, Finite Element Analyses (FEA), CAD simulations, as well as, identifying appropriate materials to use and surface treatments to ensure adequate performance margins exist.


    We use an iterative analysis approach to achieve solution simplicity.  Available analysis tools are:

     Linear Structural



     Random Vibration

     Durability & Fatigue

     Dynamic Analyses


    Should it become necessary GRAKEN will provide recommendations to alter the design requirements in a manner that keeps the original intent intact and balances the solution's available budget and schedule.

  • 3D CAD Models

    GRAKEN uses 3D CAD models very early in the 'digital development process'.  This enables accurate assessments of the 'fit, form and function' with a high degree of confidence.


    Sometimes complex parametric CAD models are unavoidable to maximize downstream applications.  If this should become necessary, the model's complexity is adjusted to fit with the overall design intent.  GRAKEN recognizes this by providing tailored services that support a variety of downstream needs, such as CAD model driven drawings, CNC programs and inspection files.


    We offer our customers the same in-house models we are using to generate the Engineering Data Package, in parallel, to study and evaluate impacts beyond the contract scope; giving both parties the best chance at confirming the Engineering Data Package accuracy while still in the ‘digital development process'.

  • Drawings

    Drawing services can be bundled as a package or on an hourly basis.  Hourly rates depend on drawing type.  Available drawing types are:

     3D Renderings






    Drawings are in compliance with ANSI / ASME Y14.100-2004 and MIL-DTL-31000 including Metric.  MIL-SPECS and MIL-STDS on DoD contracts are consistent with the Acquisition Reform Policy Memo 98-2.


    Engineering drawings are mono-detail and the Parts Lists are on the Assembly drawing's lead sheet, unless directed otherwise.


    GD&T is in accordance with ASME Y14.5M-1994 in inches or metric.

  • Fabrication / Assembly

    GRAKEN offers services to produce the Engineering Data Package and produce the product(s) defined within the Data Package.


    Should only CNC programs be needed, GRAKEN offers generic programs or 'post Processed' programs and, if needed, postprocessors can be purchased as well.


    Unless GRAKEN is directed otherwise, product(s) conform to the AS9100C and ISO 9001B requirements.  Depending on the product's end-use, the rigor of AS9100 can be unwarranted.  GRAKEN offers the option to forego the rigor of AS9100 to reduce costs and ensure we remain a good value.

  • Test and Verification

    Highly skilled technicians familiar with the germane industry standard practices and procedures perform the testing. GRAKEN is familiar with the testing rigors of MIL-STD-810 for the military and DO-160 for commercial industries.


    Should it be necessary to perform in environmental testing, such as random vibration, salt fog, EMI and other simulated environments, GRAKEN coordinates, schedules and manages all of these testing activities with off-site labs.


    Quick Look reports are issued within days after testing.  Formal test reports are completed and issued after the post test data reduction has been completed.

  • Inspection (AS9102 Reports)

    GRAKEN's in-house inspection reports conform to AS9102 forms 1 through 3.


    In-house inspection tools such as a Coordinate Measuring Machine, Optical Comparator, and Hardness Tester along with several hand-held instruments enable GRAKEN to produce accurate and timely inspection reports.


    GRAKEN uses MIL-STD-1916, "DoD Preferred Methods for Acceptance of Product" to establish sample rates when large batch products runs are conducted.



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